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Compared to Who? for Christian Women

Aug 13, 2021

Today we continue with the last part of the rapid fire list of 50 ways YOU can beat comparison. We'll talk about proactive strategies to stop you from looking to comparison to figure out if you're doing okay and we'll talk about ways to dig into your past and break free from things that have been done to you or said about you so that you can find healing and relief from comparison. "A starving soul will look for nourishment from comparison, so feed our soul!" Connect with Compared to Who?

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Forgiveness Protocol: Make a list of all of the offenses that regularly come to mind. These may be related to your body image or other aspects of life. Write each one and who hurt you. Practice daily reading through the list and praying for God to help you forgive them. It's not necessary to tell the other person you've forgiven them. And, recognize that the person who hurt you may never ask for your forgiveness. Yet, it's still necessary for your freedom and healing that you can forgive them. Forgiveness is often not a "one and done" prayer. It may take weeks or month or longer praying to release these offenses until you can truly be free from them causing you pain.

Fear Inventory. This looked comprehensive. It was developed by someone else:

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