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Compared to Who? Body Image for Christian Women

Feb 18, 2022

My conversation with Tiffany Jo Baker was supposed to be about body after baby. But, where we landed became a beautiful orchestra of many topics ranging from infertility to judging others by their appearance to how to find your purpose. Tiffany Jo Baker is a mom of two and was a surrogate mom for three families dealing with infertility. Whether you're a new mom, or a mom of grown kids...whether you're dealing with body after baby or just wondering if your life has purpose. You'll enjoy today's episode. Here are some of the places we go in today's show:

  • How she decided to be a surrogate mom.
  • How Tiffany's husband felt about her being a surrogate (and delivering someone else's babies on Father's Day!)
  • Dealing with body changes after pregnancy.
  • Learning to accept the story of our lives that our bodies tell.
  • How to be kind to your body after baby.
  • How to stop judging others by how they look.
  • How Tiffany helps women birth their purpose and find out what they were made to do.
  • Remembering that you were born on purpose, for a purpose!

There's so much encouragement in today's episode, especially if you're struggling with your body after baby.

About Tiffany Jo Baker:
Tiffany Jo Baker is a caffeinated mom of two teen girls, surrogate mom who has delivered five babies for three families dealing with infertility, proud dog-mom, and wife to an extreme outdoorsman. She is the podcast host of All the Things TV, author of the devotional Soul-Care for Go-Getters, speaker, and strategizer who uplifts the soul and success of women walking out their why at home and online so they can birth their God-given dreams and projects. Connect with: Tiffany Jo Baker here.
Check out her podcast here: Host of All the Things TV video podcast
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