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Compared to Who? for Christian Women

Oct 26, 2021

This is the second part of a 2 part interview with Amy Carlson, RD -- a practicing dietitian and eating disorder specialist with more than 20 years of work helping those who have an unhealthy relationship with food restore peace with eating! Listen to part one of this interview (Season 5, Episode 39) first!!

In today's...

May 18, 2021

I'm so excited to share with you a conversation with my intern-- Amber--who bravely shares her story of struggling with disordered eating and body image issues in high school. Amber's graduating this month from college and has learned a lot about her struggle and the way her peers in their teens and twenties are...

Apr 5, 2021

Clothes that don't fit may be causing you more shame than you know...and no one ever broke free from the shame of body image through shaming themselves! Here are Heather's most compelling reasons to clean out your closet and sweep away body shame. Plus: Helpful tips on how to practically do this.

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Mar 29, 2021

Porn can have a huge impact on our body image and relationships. Now 32% of porn users are women and I receive messages every week from women who are struggling with the impact of porn on their marriage. Today It talk to Joy Skarka, an expert on this topic. She has a powerful testimony of finding freedom in this arena...

Mar 22, 2021

Today's conversation is with Sarah Geringer, author of a powerful book on Christian meditation and our thought lives. Sarah and I talk about:

  • the one thing Sarah did each day that transformed her view of herself
  • how to combat the lies that flood our minds
  • how to find hope if you've been emotionally and...