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Compared to Who? for Christian Women

Oct 19, 2021

When I recognized that my body image had become my idol--it changed my life. This recognition was really the first step in my journey to freedom. All the dieting, all the over-exercising, all the striving --it all connected to this idol in ways I couldn't see or understand. Of course, once I recognized my body image idol I started to see how there were other idols in my life as well. The good news is--once we see the idols we have a chance at being free from them. Until then, we can wavering between the culture's "I am enough" mantra and our own frustration with not looking how we want to look.

Because idols aren't a hot topic everywhere - I thought I'd take a few minutes and look at idolatry in depth. We'll cover what idols are and what the aren't, how the Bible talks about idols, how idols can "run" in families, and what the solution is for an idolatry issue!

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