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Compared to Who? for Christian Women

May 2, 2021

Food. I'd rather not talk about food. Okay, I guess that's not true. I talk about everything--maybe a little too honestly. But, I just wrote this post confessing my affection for Bark Thins and how quickly they seem to disappear in my house (although I won't let anyone else touch the bag!).

In that post I also shared with you some information on the book I mention in today's video. It's called "Full: For, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction." (Buy it on Amazon here.)

Need Eating Disorder Help? I recommend you start by checking out: Rock Recovery or visit the site for more resources.

Questions for reflection:

In what ways has your struggle with body image connected with your struggle with food? Have you ever used food to try to control your body image? Have food issues/eating disorders been a byproduct of your body image struggles?

What do you think about Heather's point that she needed to solve her body image issues before she could work on her food issues?

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**This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase recommended books through these links it benefits the ministry of Compared to Who?