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Compared to Who? for Christian Women

May 5, 2021

Only 1 day left in the Spring Break Free Series. Today, we're going to talk about some practical ways you can prepare your heart for swimsuit season. Everywhere you look you'll find tips this month on how to get your BODY ready for summer. But, how do you prepare your heart for swimsuit season? If you are a woman who struggles with her body image and has a hard time not comparing herself with all the other ladies sitting around the swimming pool, then how do you prepare yourself to engage in the battle? Go here for your discussion questions and to catch up on what you missed:

Questions for reflection:

What do you think of Heather's suggestions? Could you ever break up with your scale?

(Here's what happened with Compared to Who contributor did it and another contributor tried it for Lent!)

What about spending less time with the mirror?

Do you think you spend too much time analyzing your appearance in the mirror?

Here's the link to read more on the merit of "Mirror Tilting."